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Some Ideas For Participation

There are many cases members can create their content on Qapcon. Content posts and the linking post allow the creation of both single independent and multi-level conceptual content.

Here we introduce only some ideas about how members can participate on Other ideas for participation depend on members' creativity and needs.

  • Defining geographic coordinates of the study area of a published article or thesis

  • Paraphrasing the abstract of a thesis

  • Suggesting best references for the study of a scientific subject

  • Writing a definition or description for a term

  • Providing data for a subject or an equation cited in a book, published article, or thesis

  • Providing an illustration or video for a subject or an item

  • Writing a code for an equation cited in a book, article, or thesis

  • Writing a review for a topic

  • Questioning or answering complex or confusing content in a book or an article

  • Requesting for or compiling content or data about a specific topic

  • Writing a review for a software, device or instrument (including advantages and disadvantages)

  • Providing a tutorial for a software, device, or instrument

  • Questioning or answering a confusing point encountered during the interaction with software, device, or instrument

  • Preparing personal CV

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