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Curriculum Vitae (CV) - Alireza Yousefi Bavil

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1- Matlab
I have developed two Matlab toolboxes: SCPAT and SRAD. The results have been published in peer-reviewed journals.
1.1- SCPAT
SCPAT is a Matlab toolbox developed for analysing swath characteristic profiles. It uses a new approach for determining standard non-positional (e.g., maximum, mean, and minimum elevation or any grid data) parameters and positional parameters (e.g., local maxima and minima). It allows comparing of both positional and non-positional parameters with respect to azimuthal features of travers profiles.
Related publication title: SCPAT: a MATLAB-based toolbox for analysing swath characteristic profiles

1.2- SRAD
SRAD is a Matlab toolbox developed for displaying various parameters of the reduced stress tensor (i.e., Misfit angle, stress ratio) for the case of dealing with several stress tensors. It facilitates the comparison by displaying all of the parameters in a single radial diagram.
Related publication title: SRAD Radial Diagram: A New Way to Display Important Aspects of Fault-Slip Analysis Results

2- Python
Writing small codes for calculating some equations I frequently use in structural geology. Some of them can be fined on “”.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) - Alireza Yousefi Bavil
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