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Rock samples: preliminary information and photos

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Rock samples

Having access to a large collection of rock photos which have been obtained from all over the world together with related information could help geoscience experts identify or locate rocks and therefore obtain a general insight into the lithology at a given location.
In this regard, geoscience experts are encouraged to share their data to enrich this collection. To make information more accessible, this post’s title and the following parameters are suggested as a topic and post structure, respectively. However, participants can use the title and parameters of their own.

* LU: Lithological unit
* GC: Geographic coordinates

* Node text: Rock sample name (Age of the LU) - Map name (Map scale)

1. Information from a reference geological map
1.1. Map name:
1.2. Map scale:
1.3. Symbol of the LU:
1.3. Age of the LU:
1.4. Description of the LU:
1.5. GC of the map boundaries*:
1.6. Reference (of the geological map):

* Using the coordinate fields at the bottom of the post makes data geographically filterable during users’ searches.

2. Additional information
2.1. Rock sample name:
2.2. Identifiable minerals:
2.3. Rock texture:
2.4. Rock colour:
2.5. Exposure:
2.6. Magmatic setting:
2.7. Structural setting:
2.8. GC of the sample rock:

3. About the photo:
3.1. Sample dimension:
3.2. Copyright and licence:
3.3. Credit:

Location and time

Upper boundary latitude

Left boundary longitude

Lower boundary latitude

Right boundary longitude

Starting date

Ending date

Rock samples: preliminary information and photos
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