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Images displaying the senses of slip on fault surfaces

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Senses of slip on fault surfaces

In geology, determining the sense of displacement/slip on fault surfaces using kinematic indicators (KIs) is crucial for stress, strain, and deformation studies. There are a few articles that present very useful information about using KIs to define the sense of slip on fault surfaces, mostly in the form of schematic and idealized diagrams.
Regardless of how well are KIs described in articles, it is usually hard for researchers to define the sense of slip confidently. Because in natural conditions due to the complexity of geomaterial and stress conditions, KIs are not in ideal form as they are in schematic diagrams. Consequently, this ambiguity could reduce the quality of determining the slip sense, acquired data, and therefore related studies.
Accordingly, this request aims to help researchers reduce this ambiguity by having access to more visual and textual content about the relationship between KIs and slips at different geological conditions. To do this, geo-scientists are invited to share their knowledge by providing images of fault surfaces and associated KIs, also their interpretation of the images.
The following parameters could facilitate data comparison. However, participants can elaborate on this topic (title) with parameters of their choice.
1- Lithology name
2- Lithology age
3- KI name
4- Fault surface’s attitude
5- KI’s attitude or rake
6- Sense of slip
7- Outcrop scale
8- Faulting age
9- Geo-location

Location and time

Upper boundary latitude

Left boundary longitude

Lower boundary latitude

Right boundary longitude

Starting date

Ending date

Images displaying the senses of slip on fault surfaces
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