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Tutorial on using SCPAT: A MATLAB toolbox for the study of swath profiles

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Starting the toolbox, its interface and menu

This tutorial introduces how to set the directory of the SCPAT to open it in the MATLAB program. It also shows the interface and menu of the toolbox. The toolbox consists of four menus: File, Configuration & Processing, Analyses & Visualisation, and Help. Each menu includes the following submenus:
1- File
1.1- Extract an individual feature
1.2- Extract a subset of features
1.3- Import
1.4- Export
1.5- Preferences
1.6- Exit
2- Configuration & Processing
2.1- Choose window ranges along the cross-profile
2.2- Choose a segment range along the parent profile.
3- Analyses & Visualisation consists of the following sub-menus:
3.1- Variation along the parent profile
3.1.1- Non-positional parameters
This submenu includes three functions:
a- Variation along the parent profile
b- Azimuthal distribution
c- Linear distribution
3.1.2- Positional parameters (with the function Variation of protrusions and depressions)
3.2- Variation perpendicular to the parent profile (with the functions Maximum, mean, and minimum)
4- Help consists of three submenus: User guide, Parameters, About

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Lower boundary latitude

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Tutorial on using SCPAT: A MATLAB toolbox for the study of swath profiles
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